Fuchang Pavilion, Fude Pavilion and Fuhua Pavilion

Fuchang Pavilion, Fude Pavilion and Fuhua Pavilion in the Futian waterfront plaza residence area is located at the central area of Futian CBD South District, it is large garden-style community in Futian District, the traffic is very convenient for there are more than 40 bus lines nearby, Fumin metro station is only 3 minutes away from the community.

Futian port is 24 hours opened and is extending in all directions, shopping mall is just in the community, and there are gardens, activity fields for the elderly and children in the community.

The main house type are 79m2 two-room and 99m2 three-room. Diamond house type. 5th floor and 19th floor is 118m2 four-room. On the top is 119m2 maisonette. The highlights of two-room are that the kitchen is very large, the lighting in each room is very good.