On Jan.3, 2017 night, the China City Spring Festival Gala was held in the Window of the world, Shenzhen. The Director of Yu Panglin Charity Foundation, Mr. Xu Bin and Mrs. Pang Xin Ying were invited to attend for the commitment of the Panglin Bright Action so as to appeal to the public for devoting themselves to the Charity Work of Cataract Treatment and sharing the blessing what had worked together. 

    During the second half, the life story of Mr. Pang was told with the strong voice as the video of the achievement of The Bright Action was showed on screen, which curing the Cataract Sufferers in almost 28 provinces, such as Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Gansu, Tibet and Shanxi. Etc. and almost 400, 000 sufferers were cured to regain the bright and hope. At the same time, the 13 delegates of the Charitable Foundation performed on the stage to show their strenuous and cheerful spirit. 

    Mr. Xu Bin made our commitment to the whole public that the Panglin Bright Action would last for 10 years by the Charity Foundation and 3,000 Cataract Sufferers would cured every year for free. At last, the push rod of the Bright Action was started by Mrs Pang Xin Ying, the leaders of the Charitable Foundation of Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Administration and the leaders of the local area. The fireworks were in bloom at the night sky as the charitable radiance.