Yu Panglin

Mr. Yu Panglin, formerly known as Peng Lishan, was born in Lantian Town, Lianyuan City, Hunan Province in 1923, well-known entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, China's famous philanthropist, member of the Standing Committee of the Second Session of the Shenzhen People's Congress, honorary citizen of Shenzhen. May 2015 in Shenzhen, he passed away at the age of 93.

Mr. Yu studied in Changsha in his early age to receive higher education, he successively engaged in the work of journalist, editor and others, after the liberation of the China, he came to Shanghai to do book business. Approved by legal application, he moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong in 1958. Thereafter he started from the cleaner, handyman, construction worker, struggled all the way to a huge success and became a legend of Hong Kong commercial circle. The life of Mr. Yu is simple, he is generous and has devoted himself to public welfare undertaking all his life, and he successively founded the Hong Kong YUS Charity Foundation, the Yu Panglin Charity Foundation and other organizations. Over the years, he carries a patriotic heart, always remembers the feeling of homesickness, has made donation in Hunan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and done his utmost to repay the society. Mr. Yu had left good words: "If my son is as strong as me, why I leave money to him; if my son is as weak as me, why I leave money to him; I would rather help the people of the world, I would not want the people of the world to help me; I like to help the poor in a direct way, I cannot bear to see the misery of the poor; do good deeds is my way to keep a good health."

In 1988, Mr. Yu donated ten buses to Changsha municipal government to open the bus line from train station to Hunan University Dongfanghong Square, in order to commemorate Mr. Yu's charity, Changsha municipal government deliberately named this bus line as "Lishan Line."

In 2000, Mr. Yu invested nearly 20 million in the business center of Luohu District, Shenzhen to build a 57-floor five-star charity hotel - Panglin Hotel, and at the same time announced to the world that the net profit of all hotel revenue would permanently donate to social welfare and education, and this is China's first public charity hotel.

On November 24th, 2003, Mr. Yu started "Panglin Light Action" in Beijing's Great Hall of the people, within only five years 500 million Yuan was invested with the introduction of five US specially made luxury ophthalmic operation vehicles and established a mobile eye hospital, in 10 years, nearly 400 thousand cataract patients in Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu, Tibet, Inner Mongolia more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions received free treatment, at the same time, "Panglin Light Action" also extends a helping hand to the cataract patients from 10 poor countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, North Korea, Cambodia, etc., the action was also deemed as the "most satisfying thing." by Mr. Yu himself.

Since 2012, Mr. Yu decided to donate money as poor college student grants, scholarships and studying abroad grants to Peking University, Tsinghua University and other 20 well-known colleges and universities each year. In 2013 he donated fourteen million Hong Kong dollars to 5 colleges and universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

From the year of 2006 to 2010, Mr. Yu won five consecutive China Philanthropists List of the Hurun Report, known as China's most generous philanthropist, in 2007, Mr. Yu and Li Ka-shing were voted as "one of the world's big philanthropist" by the U.S. "Time" magazine at the same time . In 2009, Mr. Yu won the CCTV China economic figures charity award.

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