Yu Panglin

"Recapture the light is free, as long as you ask for Yu Panglin", many poor patients know about the "Panglin Light Action “from this slogan. In his early years, Yu Panglin was a cataract patient, so he not only understood the pain of losing the light, but also know the happiness of regaining the light, this also became his initial cause of action for "Light".

According to the plan, Panglin Light Action carries out the joint cooperation with Federation of Disabled Persons or cooperative hospital, and by the local federations or cooperative hospital to organize the screening of patients, Light Action sends action group to arrange for treatment, all of the examination and treatment costs are responsible for the Panglin Light Action, patients are needed to pay nothing. The relevant patients please consult the local federation of Disabled Persons and pay attention to the relevant publicity.

In the year of 2003, Mr. Yu started "Panglin Light Action" in Great Hall of the people, More than 10 years, nearly 400 thousand cataract patients in Qinghai, Ningxia, Gansu, Tibet, Inner Mongolia more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions received free treatment, Yu Panglin therefore has a reputation of "light messenger", at the same time, "Panglin Light Action" also extends a helping hand to the cataract patients in Vietnam, Myanmar, North Korea, Cambodia,Mongolia,Laos and other 10 poor countries.

In 2013, 91-year-old Yu Panglin still planned for the future development of the light action, he said, no matter what difficulties we would encounter, "Panglin Light Action will keep go on. In order to make the action benefit more people, a new round of "Panglin Light Action" will use the power of university to carry out.

As the first batch of students joining the "Panglin Light Action", the students Li Fang and Liu Huaxu from Medical College of Nankai University ever rushed to Qinghai Province to start volunteer activities. They said that their work was to assist the doctors, although the time was not long, but the daily work was very busy, sometimes they had to participate in 50 cases of surgery in one day.

Since 2012, Mr. Yu decided to donate money as poor college student grants, scholarships and studying abroad grants to Peking University, Tsinghua University and other 20 well-known colleges and universities each year.in 2013, he made a donation of 14 million Hong Kong dollars to Hong Kong and Taiwan Universities.

The original intention of Yu Panglin is very simple, let the public welfare, the concept of charity carry forward in the university.

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